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Event Profile

SPORTSWORK (PTY) LTD is a company that will operate within the events industry and our purpose, is to provide a platform, for multiple stakeholders within the sporting fraternity to participate with one another and for these sports enthusiasts, to connect, discuss and explore the entirety of sport and how it can be used to motivate, equip and enable people to confidently fulfil their potential, by unleashing their passion and in doing so help them lead more fulfilling lives.


Simply put; our purpose is to provide people with an opportunity to be the best that they can be! 









The Concern & Current Situation.

Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people, with talent, right? 

Now history proves that talent alone does not provide any sportsperson the assurance of achieving their dream, in becoming a professional athlete.

Our communities, primary and high schools, are littered with individuals with an abundance of natural talent. These scholars and our youth, at-large so often excel in their code of choice in High School but somehow, these levels of energy and momentum are brought to an extreme and sudden halt, during or post Matric.

Sadly when this happens and “adult decisions” need to be made, their sporting ambitions so often take a back-seat. Tragically with that, their passion, hopes and dreams of what-could-have-been also, dies.

The reality is that so seldom do they realise that while the one door, (which is that of becoming a professional athlete) may have closed, a plethora of alternate careers within sport still remain wide and invitingly open, just waiting to be pursued by obtaining a tertiary education!

Their reality is, that often they stare at the closed door for so long that they are not able to comprehend the many alternate opportunities and careers that still exists in forging and building a successful profession within their code of choice. 

This concern has given birth to our company and upcoming event which provides the solution in the form of an interactive multi-coded 2-day education, career and sports-related exhibition, where all these aspects will be showcased and discussed across multiple interactive platforms on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th of October 2018.

Our core focus and service areas are education, creating awareness, skills development, health and brand-building.


With current leading tertiary institutions, sporting professionals, officials, administrators, journalists, presenters, medical practitioners and various other industry affiliated stakeholders in attendance to interact and participate, each and every show visitor is bound to extract immense value through their attendance.

“Sport is our vehicle, Education is the outcome and our community is the backbone which brings it all, together”


What makes us different?

This event is a first of its kind and will educate, encourage discussion, interaction and excitement amongst all event attendees and participants.

What’s our purpose?

Our purpose (& USP) is, to publicize and promote the alternate career options that exist within the sports industry.

Simply put, having titles such as Maties 1st Team Coach, WP Rugby Marketing Manager, SA Cricket CEO, Die Burger Chief Sports Editor, Boland Rugby Physiotherapist, Mumbai Indians Team Performance Specialist, Parow High School 1st Team Hockey Head Coach, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Contract & Negotiation Specialist, Cape Cobras Cricket & Newlands Head Curator are just as obtainable, as that of a Protea or Springbok athlete. To us, the title of a professional athlete are but one of many, that can be pursued and successfully attained.    

Our show will naturally also emphasise the importance of sport in maintaining healthier lifestyles while highlighting its significance in influencing societal change.

The South African Sports Industry has pockets of excellence and the “Interactive Halftime Workshop Sessions” planned to take place during the event, will provide patrons with an opportunity to interact with past and current sporting personalities, while listening to them tell their stories and share their experiences and in doing so, add immense edutainment and value to all!    

Stakeholders on-board

We have managed to secure a multitude of sporting personalities, media personalities, corporates and associations. 

Our Target Market

The SPORTSWORK™ EDUCATION & SPORT COMMUNITY EXPO aims to deliver a world class event that caters for a diverse group of people. This expo has no boundaries and reaches as far as the imagination can stretch.

It is a platform where young and old, black and white, abled and the disabled can meet to celebrate sport. At this stage our LSM grouped target markets ranges from 4 – 10, as we believe, that our event caters for one and all in the true spirit of Ubuntu.

Our target market is positioned in such a way that we target individuals at different phases and stages in their lives. With the greatest emphasis focused at grass roots level, does not imply that the high school student looking for possible career paths in sport or the mother or father with a desire to increase their knowledge in coaching, umpiring or refereeing, in order for them to be more actively involved with their kids’ sport and development activities.

We believe that the SPORTSWORK™ EDUCATION & SPORT COMMUNITY EXPO speaks to everyone and that we can add significant value not only to our immediate communities but to our nation as a whole. Through this exhibition we, aim to promote and facilitate growth and development at all levels.

The tools that we will be using to assist in passing on the appropriate message to our patrons is through exposing them to individuals that have and are applying their trade as either professional or semi-professional sports men and women, administrators, coaches, journalists, referees, small business owners and the like currently fulfilling their passion within the sport and education industries. .

Education and interaction amongst the various stakeholders present will be a top priority, in so that we will ensure that our patrons leave the exhibition inspired, equipped and positively influenced after interacting with multiple tertiary institutions, sports associations, their heros and speaking to the many knowledgeable administrators, coaches and other sporting personalities available throughout the exhibition.

As people are the heart and soul of this event, we believe that we have the perfect blue-print to add value in effectively making this debut event a rip roaring success!  

I believe that by partnering with us we can maximise our reach throughout the province and country.

Our Vision

To become the most valued multi-coded educational and sports event by 2028. We aim to drive, equip and influence our stakeholders, by creating unique sustainable value driven experiences through learning, participation and interaction.

Our Mission

Our vision will be achieved by our seven Mission Statements:

  • To promote and facilitate the importance of education in achieving one’s goals;
  • To promote, facilitate, collaborate, share information and best practices within the industry;
  • To actively promote sport, its advantages and endless opportunities;
  • To use sport as an entertaining, motivational and educational tool; 
  • To encourage the use of sport as an alternative to the ever-increasing social ills;
  • To promote the use of sport as a tool to unite and positively influence and empower individuals, associations and communities;
  • To engage sports enthusiasts enabling them to pursue, improve and achieve their goals and ambitions.


Our Business Philosophy

We are committed to maximizing the return on investment, financially and through time expended, to all our stakeholders in a value driven, practical and ethical manner.


Our Values:

  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Influence


How will we achieve this?

Our event is an interactive one will be used to influence, educate and encourage a diverse group of people, from various codes and backgrounds with a platform to interact and converse with like-minded individuals and sporting personalities. 


The exhibition component will focus on 6 aspects namely, interaction, education, marketing the latest industry products and services, collaboration, innovation and fun. All of this rolled into one event guarantees, a memorable, value driven and edutainment consumer experience.


I look forward to us working together and influencing societal change, one event at a time.  


Please contact me at 065 5610 173 or arno@sportswork.co.za with any questions you may have.


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